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IPatia is a web platform in the cloud, which allows you to efficiently manage the expirations, tasks and information related to your organization’s industrial property portfolio.

Ipatia has been developed from our experience and reflection on which tools are essential for industrial property managers, such as patent agents, technology transfer offices or innovative companies.

By this task management list you will be able to control, all in on, all the due dates of your files, ordered by date, responsible, family, patent or client. Therefore, you can easily identify any pending task, assign it a priority or assign it to a member of your team. With IPatia, no need to worry about surprises with due dates.

The task of creating files has been simplified in just three steps. No more filling out endless forms to register a patent. In addition, the rest of the information (priority date, family, country) will be generated automatically, since its system includes all the Spanish, European and international processing.

Your patent portfolio information is stored in the cloud, securely and with no need to install any software on your computer. In addition, thanks to IPatia’s document manager, you will be able to associate new documents to any stage of the processing of your files, as well as modify or delete them when necessary. No complications, just connect and start working.

Due to this experience, IPatia manages to simplify and automate as much as possible all the tasks of creating and monitoring files, so that most of the logic is in the software and not in the user. Simple, isn’t it?