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Have you made a discovery? At TRBL Services we protect your inventions and research results through patents.

Our highly qualified teamwork can offer you technical advice in the development of your inventions and also in its industrial design and related software needs.

We are authorized patent agents before the OEPM and EPO.


If you have an industrial project or a novel and inventive R&D result, we will help you to protect it through a patent or utility model, so it becomes exclusively yours.

Patents and utility models
Industrial designs
Processing of applications
Oppositions to third party patents
Representation before patent offices


If you want to patent your invention abroad, we can help you! We have associated patent agents worldwide and we will advise you the best protection strategy.

Prosecution and technical translations
PCT applications
European patent applications
Foreign Patents advising
Entry into national phase and validation


We can advise you on whether your idea or R&D result is patentable in Spain or abroad. We study your case and make a detailed technical report on the patentability of your invention.

Technical analysis of inventions
Preliminary claims proposal
Assessment of novelty and inventive step
Risk of infringement analysis
Results protection consulting


Do you want to protect a software tool or a mobile app? Our team is specialist in computer based inventions protection, both in Europe and USA.

Computer-implemented inventions
Mobile applications patents
Software-based technical methods
Business rules and methods
Protection of algorithms


Do you have a patent and want to know its market value? We can evaluate your project and make a financial report, identifying the potential benefits and commercial risks of your invention.

Qualitative analysis and quantitative assessment
Financial valuation
Transfer and licensing pricing
Risks valuation
Royalty rate assessment


Do you want to know if your idea has already been patented by a third party? We can study the risk of infringement (“Freedom to operate”) of your invention in Spain or abroad.

Comparative technical analysis
Legal status of patents
Valuation of infringement risks
Technical patent valuation
Geographical analysis by countries/regions

Our team combines extensive training and professional experience with daily efford to offer you the best service. Our work is meaningless if we do not feel part of a team with our customers. We want to be part of your success!


We are specialists in managing projects related to engineering, physics, telecommunications and software, and we also have experience in other sectors, such as chemistry, food technology and biotechnology. Our team of professionals are able to offer the best strategy to implement your idea.

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