Merchangame – Deoleo

Gamification to boost sales force

Sector: Enterprise Software | Gamification


Ionic Framework

Node JS

Amazon AWS


Merchangame is a gamification system aimed to strengthen the sales team when preparing the PoS. It is comprised of a cross-platform mobile app, an activation management web interface and a backend service.

Deoleo’s own app powered by TRBL Services and designed to audit and rank the activations taking place during a period of time in the PoS. This app is a development of the previous Merchangame, and simplifies the evaluation process: with just a few screens, you will obtain a score depending on the location, the quality and the materials used in the activation.

– No Excel, no VPN: just your phone.

With this app you can evaluate your activation directly, without using your computer: just point your camera and answer some questions!

– Compete against your colleagues!

There will be different squads, and the scores of each individual will add up to his or her own. When the contest is over, the squad with the most points will be the winner!

– Win prizes!

Depending on your final score, you can win different rewards. But you will also have specific targets for extra prizes, so stay tuned!