Certification management tool to track processes

Certification management tool

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The Spanish Association of Purchasing, Contracting and Supply Professionals (AERCE) is an entity with several branches dedicated to training and management on purchasing, contracting and supply dedicated to improving business processes. As part of its activity, it has managed to publish the best practices aimed at purchasing departments in the form of the UNE 15896 specification: Management of value-added purchases and the ISO 20400 standard on sustainable purchases. Likewise, an important work of AERCE is the training of consultants and auditors to help them adapt to the requirements of these best practices in purchasing management.

TRBL Services has developed a tool to help companies, consultants, auditors and AERCE itself as administrator of the service, to be able to track the certification processes carried out by the different actors involved throughout all the phases of the processes. In order to achieve this, the tool makes it easy to collect compliance data and its associated documentation, generate reports, and share the information among users who participate in the same process.

The main features offered by the tool are the following:

  • User management with role differentiation (companies in the process of certification, consultants, auditors and service administrator).
  • Documentation management (listing, upload, download and deletion).
  • List and detail of each process (UNE 15896 or ISO 20400) ongoing or finished.
  • Self-assessment questionnaire for companies that want to know their degree of conformity (PUMA Lite).
  • Questionnaires for the complete evaluation of the UNE 15896 standard.
  • Questionnaires for the complete evaluation of the ISO 20400 standard.
  • Multi-language support.